Film director and photographer. Born in Argentina, he has lived in Panama since 2011. He studied professional photography and Integral Film and TV Production, as well as courses in Art History, Drawing and Painting, at the National Museum of Fine Arts of Argentina. For twelve years he worked in one of the most important studies of photography and art books in Argentina as a designer, photo editor and project coordinator.

As a photographer, he works for important photo magazines such as Lugares de Argentina magazine and Lonely Planet magazine. In 2011 Samsung Panama uses his image and photographic work for the launch of the new NX100 Camera by presenting the photo exhibition "Panama, a look from the south".
In 2013 he began to produce his series "Cortezas" in the Articruz workshop, which he later exhibited at Marión Gallery. In 2014 he exhibited his work in public spaces in Panama City, Panama, in innovative large format supports. He currently develops cultural and art projects both in Panama and abroad.