Ögon Stockholm V2 Silver Card Case

Just carry the essential, this aluminium card case is a modern alternative to the classical leather wallets. Born in Sweden, this original aluminium concept will adapt to you way of life by combining desgin and functionality.
  • 10 years after the creation the aluminium wallet, Ögon reinvents its iconic model. New design, new fonctions, the STOCKHOLM V2.0 is made with the Ögon DNA.
  • Handy, the cards are reachable in a glance and one second.
  • Compact, strong and very light, it's easy to find in a purse, it also fits perfectly the men's pockets.
  • Eco-responsible : the packaging is made from recycled materials and can be reused. Do not throw it.
  • Care instructions: clean your aluminium wallet with a soft cloth and window cleaner.
  • New design
  • Metal lock
  • Joint against air, dust, and moisture
  • Opening with one hand
  • Protection from RFID theft - Your cards are protected from a possible demagnetization & from electronic data theft.
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