Doodle pillowcase bundle


What's better than a doodle pillowcase? Well, 2 doodle pillowcases, of course! This bundle contains 2 pillowcases of any design - just make your selection using the drop-down list below.

Each pillowcase comes wrapped individually with its own set of 10 double-ended wash-out pens so you can give as 2 separate gifts - perfect for Christmas and birthdays, or just for re-styling your own bedroom or letting the kids get creative in theirs.

Perfect for:

  • pillow talk
  • kids coloring, creative fun and learning
  • leaving messages for him, for her, for the kids or for the guests 
  • customizing bedrooms without breaking the bank 
  • encouraging the kids to express themselves (and grown-ups too) 
  • fun and creative sleepovers, camp, hotels, B&Bs


Product size:  approx 20x30in
Fabric:  100% cotton
Pack weight:  1.1lb
Care:  wash warm/40°, dry naturally

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