PANAMA (1957)

Plastic artist and sculptor, she began her artistic career at an early age under the tutelage of her father, the maestro Alfredo Sinclair. He studied Fine Arts in Madrid, at the Academy of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades and received three years of classical drawing instruction at the Arjona Studios. In Amsterdam, he studied the great Dutch masters of the eighteenth century.
She obtained her degree in Interior Design at the University of Santa María la Antigua (Panama), while studying engraving classes with the artist Giangrandi.
He returns to Europe, to London, where she dedicates herself to research.

In 2009 Arte al día magazine published her catalogue raisonné, "Olga Sinclair: obras-works, 1995-2008".
She currently chairs the Olga Sinclair Foundation, whose purpose is to form integral human beings through contact with the arts.
Her work has moved from figuration to abstraction, always concerned with plastic experimentation. She has had more than fifty solo and two hundred collective exhibitions held in various cities in Asia, Europe and America.