Doormat 'Welcome' Checkered Pattern


It is a perfect doormat to give a modern and modern touch to your front door

Surprise each visit with the best selection of original doormats, geeks and funny ones! Cheerful decoration for the landing of your stairs or the interior of your room.

Measurements: 60 x 40 cm. 1.5 cm thick

Materials: Coconut Fiber and red anti-slip PVC. The thickness of our doormats is one of the points that our customers like the most, it has the perfect thickness and hardness so that everything you do not want to enter your home stays at the door.

FISURA doormats are made of 100% natural coconut fiber. This fiber is produced with the coconut shell without practically anything being wasted.

- For each doormat about 25 coconuts are used

- The shells are seasoned first in the coastal lagoons and then be beaten by hand to extract the fiber.

- All FISURA doormats are hand painted and colored.

- To dry, the doormats are exposed to sunlight. This time varies depending on the time of year.

- The PVC non-slip base keeps the doormat stable and firm in place reducing the risk of slipping by a high percentage.

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